Miley Cyrus födelsedag! :]

Igår fyllde Miley 19 år. Den 22 åriga, Kelly Osbourne överraskade henne med en fest på Beachers Madhouse Club på Roosevelt Hotel i Los Angeles! Mileys pojkvän Liam Hemsworth, Billy Ray Cyrus, Tish Cyrus, Brandi Cyrus, Victoria Justice, Aly och AJ Michalka och Justin Baldoni deltog i partyt

Kelly berättade för E! nyheter:
 "It’s intimate, but it’s going to be the sickest [party] she’s ever seen in her life. Although I see her on the same level mentally as me, I also realize that Miley’s 19 and she deserves to still have fun. Because that girl has so much pressure on her and has worked her ass off her entire life that I think a lot of the time people forget that she deserves to have fun too. So that was my mission for her, to make her birthday…the best day ever… I’ve got all sorts of madness and craziness "
Och sen twittrade Miley igår: "Can’t thank @MissKellyO for the best partyyyy ever! =]]]] i loveeeee you! Let’s just say there was a unicorn in the lobby!” Och det var ju jätte kul att Miley fick en kul födelsedag! GRATTIS! =]

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